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Factory Address:Chenjia town, Chongming County, Shanghai, China
021- 59431285 FAX: 021-59432024

Marketing Dep. Address:Room 1111, No.638, Hengfeng Road, Shanghai
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FAX:  021-63813712

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About us

Shanghai Tianhe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,ltd. (hereinafter named as STH) is formed by reorganizing the former Donghai Branch Factory of Shanghai No.1 Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory in 2000.The registered fund is RMB 5,000,000 and the floor area of our factory covers 19,900 Square meters. Our registered trademark is "TH" and "STH".
STH was rewarded as a product-export type enterprise, which has the right of self import&export by ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China.
STH is specialized in the manufacture of pharmaceutical machinery and packaging equipment. All tasks from casting to metal machining and general assembly are accomplished by itself. STH is a high-technology enterprise, which unites R&D new products and import&Export trade as one body.
We are not only the largest professional factory who is specialized in producing tablet press machines, but also the traditional manufacturer with a long history of over 30 years in producing pharmaceutical machinery and packaging equipment in China.
STH has obtained customers' trust and satisfaction depending on its fast development of new products, good quality, complete varieties, excellent service and economical price. Our products have serviced for over 3000 customers covered all the parts of China and been well exporting to over 60 countries and regions around the world. To meet the increasing needs of domestic and foreign market, we successively research and develop the following products in compliance with the GMP standard:ZP37 Touch-type Rotary Tablet Press, ZPY100 series Rotary Tablet Press, ZP 35A /B/D rotary Tablet Press, ZPW23 Double-Layers Rotary Tablet Press, ZP11 00 series Economical High-speed Rotary Tablet Press, ZPW25 Triple-layers and Multi-function Rotary Tablet Press, ZPW20 Rotary Core Coated Tablet Press, ZP198 series Rotary Tablet Press, RGY12*25S Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine(water cooling type)and ZH90/100 Automatic Cartoning Machine ect.
The above machines have successfully entered domestic and foreign market and obtained the customers approval, ” STH ” and ‘TH 'brand ZP series Rotary Tablet Presses continuously won the title of ‘The Brand Name Products of Shanghai 'from 2002 and won the awards of ‘National Major New Product', 'Shanghai Major New Product', 'Shanghai Patent New Product' and ‘Shanghai Commercialization Project of Research Findings' ect.
We have formed the production capacity of supplying the complete equipment from raw material pulverizing, vibrating, wet mixing, granulating, drying, group mixing to tablet coating, filling, packing, cartoning, sealing, boxing ect. The applicative coverage of our machines is extending to ceramic, chemical, powder metallurgical and electronic industry. In fact, we have produced the following machines specially for these above industries: YH20 Powder Forming Machine, RP200-1P/RP-300-1P Rotary Shaping Machine and ZP11 Rotary Tablet Press.
STH has powerful technical force, advanced manufacturing and perfect operation and management system.
——Passed the authentication of ISO9001 Quality Management System in Oct 1999.
——Won the title of ‘Shanghai New High-Technology Enterprise' in 2002.
——"TH" trademark continuously won the title of ‘Shanghai Famous Trademark' from 2002.
——ZP series Rotary Tablet Presses continuously won the title of 'Brand-name Products of Shanghai' from 2002.
——Continuously won the title of ‘Model Unit of Shanghai' from 1995.
——Won the title of ‘National Contact Credit Enterprise' in 2003
——Won the Certification of Contact Credit Grade issued by Shanghai Contract Credit Promotion Commission from 2003.
——Passed European CE Certification in May 2005.
All the staff STH decides to provide excellent and advanced pharmaceutical machinery for the customers all over the world with good quality and excellent service. Adhering to the principle of ‘Basic of Honesty, Developing Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Advance with times', we are diligently developing STH as a top-ranking modernized enterprise!
STH has wholly-owned subsidiaries:
    ○Shanghai Tianhe Machine Building Co, Ltd.
    ○ Shanghai Tianhe-Zili Punches &Pies Factory.
    ○ Shanghai Ziqian Machinery Co, Ltd.
STH has joint venture:
    ○ Shanghai Rongneng Import and Export Co, Ltd.

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